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Jan 29th, 11
For The Record.

We are so happy! Today we are sending the petition for the finalization of the adoption, along with the baby’s progress-report. :) Here is a scarp from the report..

  • The child is maintaining a steady health & her growth rate is satisfactory as per the doctor.
  • She was detected underweight initially but has been gaining good weight & height since then.
  • Her diet chart consists of formula food/rice/cereals/vegetables/fruits as per the advice of the pediatrician.
  • She is also consuming supplements of iron & calcium for last three months.
  • She is strictly following the monthly vaccination routine & her doses are up to date.
  • She can now sit, crawl & stand on her own.
  • She can walk herself with a support like wall, railing etc.
  • She is showing good communication & social skills & seems to be enjoying company of people.
  • She has just started speaking small words like ‘mama’ etc.
  • She can mimic actions & gestures & she is also learning things very quickly.
  • She is very active, intelligent & observant.
  • She has been travelling in past few months & found to be adjusted well in all kind of new environments.
  • So far she didn’t show any sign of sickness & didn’t require any medical aid either.
  • Overall she is a happy & healthy child who is doing very well.

(… it’s so nice to keep for the record!)


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